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Is Your Product Or Service the Answer to a Problem?

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Why do you to to the doctor or dentist? You might go to a doctor to get a cold “fixed”, or to get a broken bone “fixed”, or maybe just to get a check up to make sure there aren’t any unseen problems!

The same thing with your dentist, you go to get a cavity “fixed” or non perfect teeth “fixed”, or maybe just to get a check-up to make sure there aren’t any unseen problems!

You take your car to the garage to get it “fixed”, or for maintenance to make sure there aren’t any unseen problems. How about buying clothes–making sure you look your very best–getting your ego “fixed” or buying food–making sure you don’t go hungry–getting your hunger “fixed”, buying health or life or car insurance, making sure you will “fix” or prevent the problem of not having money to live on during a crisis–giving you peace of mind. You get the point, right? All buying is to “fix” a problem.

So, when you own a business, that’s what you need to focus on–fixing or preventing problems.

Treat your clients with respect knowing that they count on you to “fix” or prevent their problems, whether those problems are seen or unseen, big or small , frivolous or totally necessary.

For maximum results, advertise with a mindset of “fixing” or preventing problems.

Give your very best customer service, solve a client’s problem or give him peace of mind for preventing a problem and you will build a trusting relationship, which will lead to high-quality referrals that will increase your sales.

You are not just peddling items or giving advice or whatever it is that you do. No, it’s much more than that, you see, You are part of the big picture of fixing or preventing a problem in people’s lives.

Do whatever you do with pride, go the extra mile, love what you do and get out there and fix problems!

Diane Finch, as co-owner of Longhorn Consulting LLC, works at researching and developing individualized programs for small to medium-sized businesses to improve sales through referrals, customer service and marketing. Longhorn Consulting LLC has lots of experience through Diane’s background of customer service and management in banking and co-owner, Ronn Cruz’s 24 years experience restructuring businesses all over Canada, Europe and the United States. Together we customize result-oriented programs that result in maximizing your bottom line.

Cost-Cutting Tips For Medical Practices

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Support staff is often the biggest overhead expense for medical practices so determining if the practice is overstaffed and subsequently trimming the fat where possible can yield substantial savings. Instead of eliminating jobs, can existing staff members such as receptionists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants be utilized to make doctors more productive? For instance, could receptionists pull and re-file charts for the medical staff increasing efficiency?
Analyze annual raises. Each position should have a competitive median salary range based on the location and industry. If an employee reaches the high end of their salary range, try implementing incentive-based bonuses instead of an automatic raise. Or give them more responsibility to justify a raise. It’s imperative to ensure employees are working efficiently and resourcefully for the salary they earn.
Achieve significant savings by sufficiently recording employee vacation and sick paid-time off – practices literally spend thousands each year in overtime costs because they do not adequately keep track of each employees paid leave.
Re-evaluate supply costs and implement strategies designed to reduce them without forfeiting quality or hampering the needs of doctors and nurses. For example, standardize supplies and medical equipment which allows you to purchase in bulk thus affording you a lower price for each item or unit. Perhaps switching vendors altogether will deliver the most significant savings – research the affordability of online medical supplies vendors or other competitors in the market. Also, make sure you have a well-organized inventory management process in place to ensure you don’t have costly supplies that aren’t being used.
Consider alternative staffing options to minimize costs. Outsourcing jobs such as the transcription of charts and files, bookkeeping and accounting, and payroll processing is typically much less expensive than hiring in-house.
Asses rental and lease agreements and negotiate terms with your landlord when your lease is up for renewal. You should also evaluate your current square footage needs; do you need as much space as you currently have or can you sub-lease or share extra space with another practitioner to save costs?
If you haven’t done so already, consider utilizing medical billing software to streamline and accelerate billing and other practice management tasks.